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Molded fiber’s inherent resilience and blocking and bracing capabilities enable it to outperform most vacuum-formed plastic, expanded polystyrene, and corrugated designs. Because it is made from abundantly available recycled paper, molded fiber pulp packs are a cost-effective choice compared to other packaging mediums with high raw material costs.



For most shipping applications, molded pulp is the less expensive environmentally friendly alternative when compared to expanded polystyrene, vacuum formed PET and PVC, corrugated and plastic film suspension packs, resilient foams, and die-cut corrugated materials. Additionally, molded fiber packs offer easy pack-out as a molded part, minimal warehousing requirements due to its ability to nest, and low disposal costs since the packaging is recyclable. Molded fiber can safely and securely ship any amount of goods anywhere in the country even to the most humid environments.

SM Group manufactures molded pulp products which cover wide range of application sectors like Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Household, Office products, Hardware and Consumer goods. These are extensively used as Protective packaging (Wines & Spirits), Presentation packaging (Personal Communications like cellular phones, PDAs and pagers) and Industrial packaging (Printers).


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