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Responding to the new concept of Modular Charge system, SMPP has developed Combustible cases for the entire range of Artillery Guns.



105mm- Modular charge system has been introduced in the 105mm IFG with the combustible cases comprising of lower Zone Charge Modules (LZ) and Higher Zone Charge Modules (HZ) where each module is made of 3 components.

155mm- Modular Combustible cases are available in both Bi-Modular (BMCS) and Uni-Modular (UMCS) variants, each comprising of Lower Zone Charge Modules (LZ) and Higher Zone Charge Modules (HZ).

Key Attributes

  • Modular Concept
  • LZ Intended for zone 1 and 2
  • HZ intended for zone 3 to 5 (39 caliber guns) and Zone 3 to 6 (52 caliber guns)
  • Support for automatic and manual loading


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