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Industrial Application

At SM Group, during the years, we have developed many ceramic based solutions which find applications in the highly demanding and challenging domains of Defense and Space.



Many products and processes derived from the same have also found interesting industrial applications. These new ceramic composites offer, the mechanical and physical properties unavailable in the past and provide the user with new opportunities to solve past material problems. Today, S M Group offers many such special application products using ceramic materials.

SM Group produces ceramic which provide protection from very high temperature.

  • The ceramic has no effect of heat up to 2000 °C..
  • The ceramic can be used as an insert in fire protection suits for added protection from a direct flame to critical parts of the body.
  • The ceramic is also used as lining in furnaces, high temp equipment, etc.
  • These inserts can be made in multiple customized shapes (Monolithic/Single curve/Multi curve/Flat).

SM Group also produces ceramics which have very high wear resistance properties even at high temp. The ceramic find use as nozzles, seals, etc. in industrial applications like steel plants. These are also useful in high-wear resistance applications like brake pads.

If you have any such requirements, please feel free to contact us at Indusceram@smgroupindia.com.


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