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SM Carapace offers wide range of customized light weight solutions for various naval vessels. Made from “top-of-the-line” materials like Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), Boron Carbide etc., these solutions have been certified by world renowned testing laboratories and customers. These solutions provide protection to the vulnerable areas of the vessel from an extensive range of current threats, including fragments from rifle fire, anti-ship missiles, armour piercing rounds, small arms and explosive blasts.


Most vulnerable protection areas:

  • Missiles launch silos
  • Command & Information Centers (CIC)/Cabins/Commanders Cabin
  • Bridges
  • External weapon positions
  • Helicopter hangars

Key features:

  • Single panel size as large as 1.30m x 2.50m possible.
  • Ready-to-mount Modular panels with easy fixing arrangements
  • Built to sustain harsh sea environments
  • Inert to sea water, sunlight, UV, Oils and even temperature changes
  • Can be provided in ready-to-paint aluminum casing or any other special surface coatings.

Protection features:

  • Offer protection from AK47 / Rifle fire
  • Multi-hit protection to various standards like NIJ IIIA/III/IV

Add-on weight of our solution against designated threats:


Protection Level


Add-on weight (Kg/m2)

NIJ 0108.01


.44 Magnum/9 mm from small arms

4.8 – 9.4


7.62 x 51 mm NATO Ball from Rifle

14 – 20

NIJ Level III+

7.62 MSC from AK 47

16 – 24

NIJ Level III++

7.62 MSC from AK 47 5.56 SS109


NIJ Level IV

7.62 M2 AP


With minimal add-on weights to the vessel, our solutions are the ultimate choice when protection is required without compromising performance, with only negligible effect on payload and speed.


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