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Concealable VIP Ballistic Vest

Concealable VIP Ballistic Vest

Concealable / VIP Ballistic Vest

These vests provide enhanced safety, whilst still being the lightest and most flexible vest of its kind. Available in NIJ Level II/ IIIA, It is ideal for VIPs, entrepreneurs, politicians and security persons.


  • Adjustment at 4 points for added comfort and snug fit.
  • High Tensile low profile Velcro fastening.
  • Removable and washable exterior cover.
  • Water resistant carrier which helps in retaining the durability
  • and performance of the vest for a longer duration.
  • Provision for upgradation to level III+ and Level IV.


1 Kg to 1.7 Kg

Protection Area

Front | Back | Side

Ballistic Protection NIJ II and III A

Bullet Type:

  • .22 Caliber LR
  • .380 ACP FMJ
  • 357 Mag JSP
  • 9mm FMJ
  • 44 Mag
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