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Ceramic Composite Patka

Ceramic Composite Patka

Ceramic Composite Patka

Capable to withstand lethal rounds of 7.62 X 39 mm Hard Steel Core fired from AK 47 or similar Rifles. The Ceramic Composite Patka provides protection from front, back and both sides.

  • 3 point harness system
  • Chin cup made of non-allergic double strap
  • Moisture wicking fabric used for inner lining and pads

Size: Small, Medium & Large

Protection: Front, Back and Two Sides

Protection Level: NIJ Level III+

Weight: Small: 1.7 Kg, Medium: 1.8 Kg, Large: 1.9 Kg

Helmet Size S M L
Head Circumference (In Cms) 48-52 52-57 57-62

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