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  • Molle in front and back to carry many utilities and accessories like water bottle pouch, ammunition  magazine pouches etc.
  • Designed optimally to assist liberated and expedient maneuverability with optimum safeguard.
  • SAP sealed in UV resistant, water proof fabric to maintain the ballistic integrity for longer period.
  • Outer carrier made using superior quality fabric and aesthetically stitched for snug fit.
  • Ammunition pouches for carrying Ammo  magazines.
  • Inner side of  vest made up of 3D Mesh fabric, to reduce perspiration and keep temperature under control.
  • Enhanced Protection area with Collar and Groin
  • Shoulder pads for protection from threats fired from heights.
  • Made using high quality ballistic fabric.
  • Provision for large Armor plates in front and back for protection against higher threat levels.
  • Easy access to SAP through hook/loop strips.
  • Side plate provision for protection against snipers.
  • Rear Drag Handle


  • AK – 47 Magazine Pouch
  • MP – 5 Magazine Pouch
  • HE – Grenade Pouch
  • Chilly Grenade Pouch
  • Stun Grenade Pouch
  • Radio Pouch
  • First Aid Pouch
  • Knife Pouch
  • Carry Bag
  • Utility Pouches

All Pouches can be handled with one hand without making any noise.

Integrated Hydration System:-

  • Storage Capacity 1-2 lt.
  • Inner bladder have drinking water tube
  • Anti-microbial technology that blocks bacteria growth.
  • Totally leak proof 

Protection Level

  • Level IIIA as per NIJ 0101.06 / BIS Level 1 as per IS 17051:2018
  • Upgradable to NIJ  Level III, III+, IV / BIS Level 2 to 6
  • Upgradable to Stab protection.

Protection Area

  • Front, Back, Side, Shoulder
  • Upgradable to Collar, Groin


  • BLACK | UN BLUE | NAVY BLUE | OLIVE GREEN | OLIVE DRAB | SAND  (Colour Customization Possible

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