Bullet resistant shield

A handy protection for unforeseen threats, these special purpose bags or look alikes have been evolved for VIP/VVIP personalities like politicians, heads of state, buisnessman etc. Showing excellent workmanship these are made up of extreamly light weight, high performance ballistic material covered with good quality leather. very easy to carry and handle, these product have excellent ergonomics.

Bullet resistant Shield (Foldable)

Upto NIJ Level IIIA


In folded form – 52 cm x 35 cm x 04 cm


3.25 Kg


Bullet Resistant Briefcase/Bag

Can be used for carrying documents etc. normally but in the event of being fired at. They can be held up as a shield to provide ballistic protection.


Foldable Bullet Resistant Shield and Briefcases/Bags can be offered in various sizes and weight combination to provide desired up to NIJ Level IV.


Upto NIJ Level III

Add-on Weight

2.5 Kg(For Level III) and
0.4 Kg (For Level IIIA)
for standard Size