Design Attributes

  • Lightweight and close fitting design.
  • Can be worn under shirts owing to its slimness.
  • Enhances durability enabling it to be worn over clothes also.
  • Available in Standard size that fits all through adjustable straps.
  • Can hold hard armor plates of different shapes and sizes as required.
  • MOLLE in front to accommodate other utility pouches and accessories.

    Protection Level
  • NIJ Level III, III+ and IV

    Protection Area
  • Front and Back
  • Groin (Optional)


Black I UN Blue I Navy Blue I Olive Green Olive Drab I Sand [Color Customization Possible]

    Accessories (Optional)
  • Carry Bag
  • Ammunition Pouches
Model Size Protection Level
MV- PRIME Small LEVEL IIIA – NIJ 0101.04
Large Upgradable to–NIJ Level III, III+, IV NIJ 0101.06 (Same Weight) Stab Protection