S M Group deploys cutting-edge technologies and manufacturing processes, built on strong foundation of quality processes (ISO 9001:2008), to meet standardized or customized demands of its customers.

Founded in 1985, what started as an entrepreneurial effort of a visionary, has now taken the shape of a multi-product & multi-unit organization with diversified presence:


SMPP, an S M Group company, is one of the leading manufacturer of various components for Tank and Artillery ammunitions. It has supplied more than 200,000 combustible cartridges for the Indian Army for over 25 years.

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Personal Protection

The word "Carapace" means the most apt protection provided by nature to its creations against all threats! At S M Carapace, the armor division of S M Group, similar approach has been the impetus behind our initiatives to evolve "best-in-class" solutions that help achieve optimal levels of protection as per the specific needs of the customer.

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Platform Protection

SM Carapace Armor manufactures Light Weight Armour Panels & Add-on Armour Kits for Air, Land and Sea platforms keeping in view the limited weight carrying capacities of various platforms yet ensuring maximum survivability.

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Technical Ceramics

The Ceramic Division of SM Group, a state-of-the-art modern manufacturing facility, produces non-oxide ceramics like Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide for Armor and Non-Armor applications.

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Green Packaging

Since 1985, SM Group has been a pioneer in the field of Molded Pulp Packaging for food and industrial products.

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