The Bomb Blanket has been designed for use by both unskilled personnel as well as by skilled Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) operators when confronted with a suspect explosive device in a public area. Bomb Blankets are made of multiple layers of treated KEVLAR fabric and enclosed in a durable, water resistant, flame retardant nylon cover. Heavy-duty nylon webbing loop handles make it easy to carry the blankets.


Bomb blankets provide a portable, flexible, lightweight and multi-purpose means of ballistic protection. These are quite effective against shrapnel and fragments from hand grenade, bombs, IEDs etc. These are also particularly useful during de-mining operations and by bomb disposal squads. This blanket is very versatile and can even be adapted to be used as a ballistic blanket during different modes of operation.

The blanket can be folded for proper storage and upkeep. The handles make their transportation and deployment, easy and quick.

Sizes: Any, 1Mtr x 1Mtr, 1.5 Mtr. X 1.5 Mtr., 2 Mtr X 2 Mtr, etc.

Colors: Black, Camouflaged, Blue, or any other custom colour.