With the advent of new technologies and the drive towards commercial environmental standards, Molded pulp packaging is a perfect alternative to the conventional EPS (expanded polystyrene), vacuum formed plastic, and corrugated die-cut packaging.

Molded pulp packaging can be easily molded to the shape of the products as the fibers are relatively soft, and it cushions items by absorbing any impacts. This makes it ideal for packaging delicate items such as eggs, fruits, fluorescent light bulbs, etc.

SM Group manufactures molded pulp products which cover wide range of application sectors like Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Household, Office products, Hardware and Consumer goods. These are extensively used as Protective packaging (Wines & Spirits), Presentation packaging (Personal Communications like cellular phones, PDAs and pagers) and Industrial packaging (Printers).

The R&D facilities along with the Machinery and Consultancy division of the group under the guidance of Dr. S.C. Kansal (Ph.D with spl. in cellulose technology and over 30 yrs of experience in the field), provide a distinctive advantage of meeting the specific demands of the client proficiently, cost-effectively and expeditiously.

SM Group also offer Manufacturing Plant and Machinery for Molded Pulp Packaging on Turk-Key basis.