Armor Ceramic

CaraSTOP™ - B4C
The Material of choice for today's light-weight armor systems

SM Carapace Armor is the first to set up an advanced ceramic armor manufacturing facility in India. These state-of-the-art modern manufacturing facilities are manned by highly competent personnel. From the powder stage to the final ceramic plate, we employ innovative, unique and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our products meet International Quality Standards; both in terms of manufacturing processes as well as the actual vis-à-vis stated performance. This, therefore, ensures consistent performance and quality.


CaraSTOP with high B4C, hardness, high elastic modulus and low density, is the most advanced system to provide LIGHT WEIGHT protection against deadly bullets like the Armor Piercing rounds. Its high flexural strength and fracture toughness ensure:

It is eminently suitable for applications where weight is of prime consideration. Examples include:

Less Weight can translate into increased protection area