In today's combat scenario, aircraft/ helicopters encounter a wide range of threats. Protective solutions are necessary to reduce the vulnerability of the aircraft and the crew. However, this cannot be done without consideration of resultant impact on performance of aircraft. Thus add-on weight assumes critical importance while designing protection solutions for such applications. S M Carapace uses some of the most advanced materials like aramids, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and advanced ceramics to achieve the requisite protection while keeping the weight penalty to the minimum. The integrated solutions from S M Carapace offer exceptional ballistic protection against a range of threats from 7.62mm upto 12.7mm APM2 with ultra low add-on weights.

Ballisitc Performance:

7.62- x 51-mm M-80 Ball.
7.62- x 54R-mmType LPS Dragunuv round.
5.56- x 45mm M855 armor piercing round.
7.62- x 63mm AP M2 round.
12.7- x 99mm AP M2 round

Parameters taken into account are:

Armour kits include:

Applications include: