How it all started!

In 1985, an engineer from a small village with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai decided to dream big. Dr. S C Kansal, who is now the Chairman of SM Group of Companies, founded the company with a small capital and big ideas. With innovation at the core, and ethics forming the base, what started as an entrepreneurial effort of a visionary, has now taken the shape of a Global, multi-product & multi-unit organization.

Pillars of our organization

We firmly and deeply believe that without these four pillars, we would not have been standing so strong till today!

Ethics and Commitment

In whatever we do, wherever we do, there is never a compromise on ethics and commitments. It may translate into losing an opportunity or money, but faltering on these is not an option at SM Group.


Innovation is what we strive for. Every day, we challenge new frontiers in our endeavor to develop better solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have developed many new technologies and mission-critical products for the Armed forces.

Research and Development

The strength behind our progress has been our continual Research and Developmental efforts which allow us to not only stay ahead of competition but also provide our customers with the best.


People from the heart of our organization and are the most valuable asset. Those who joined in 1985 are proudly still a part of SM Group family and an inspiration and guide for all, whether who started 10 years ago or 10 days ago.

Why SM Group!

  1. Technological Competence: One among the very few companies in the world and only one in India to manufacture mission critical products like Combustible Cartridge cases.
  2. Trusted Partner: SM Group was one of the first privately held Indian company to be provided with a permission to manufacture goods in the Ammunition sector way back in 1991 when the Defense Sector was closed for private industry. Since then, it has been a valued and trusted partner of Indian MoD.
  3. National Award Winner for “Excellence in Indigenization of Defense Stores”: The company, in recognition of its quality consciousness, untiring effort and extreme dedication, was presented with the National Award for Excellence in Indigenisation of Defence Stores, the highest of all awards in its category, by Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India.
  1. Defense License: Provided to only selected companies in India, SM Group holds the Defense/Industrial License from Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India as approved manufacturer of Combustible Cartridges, Bullet Proof Vest, Vehicle Armor and Aircraft Armor, making it the preferred Offset partner for certain Indian projects.
  2. In-house R&D: With a strong in-house R&D team, we have many firsts to our credit.

There is nothing more enthralling to us than the confidence that our product imparts in the heart and mind of the user. It is our demeanor to provide our customer with the most technological advanced products and solutions thus banking on our forte and expertise we make sure to deliver sophisticated, superior quality products and top notch solutions for their varied needs.